Ice Machine Indicator Light Description

The five indicators of the ice machine monitor the following conditions:

The green light is on: the machine is powered on;

Yellow light is on: the refrigerator is full of ice, and the machine automatically resumes work 10 seconds after the ice is taken away;

Yellow light: The water tank is short of water. When the water comes in 10 seconds, the machine automatically resumes work;

Red light is on: the condenser temperature is too high or the ambient temperature is too low;

Red light flashes: 3 minutes delay status at boot (normal);

Red light is on: the ice drill is turning wrong or the speed is lower than 850.r.P.m;

The red light is shining: the evaporator temperature is high: the evaporation temperature has not dropped below -1 °C after 10 minutes of starting;



1. The reason why the condenser temperature is high: the fan does not work; the condenser is blocked; the condensing temperature sensor or the P.C plate is damaged and the Z ambient temperature is too high.

2. Reasons for high evaporation temperature: refrigerant shortage; condensation temperature is too high; evaporation temperature sensor or P.C board is damaged.