Ice Machine Maintenance And Cleaning

The post-maintenance of the ice machine mainly includes whether the compressor is on or off frequently, whether the operation is abnormally sound, whether the high and low pressure of the compressor is normal, and whether the compressor running current is normal. Whether the condensing fan motor has vibration;


Ice machine cleaning: The surrounding environment of the ice machine should be cleaned regularly, no debris can be piled up, heat dissipation is hindered, the condenser is cleaned regularly, and the condenser of the condenser is filtered for one year (2 - 3) times. Once a month;

Regularly clean the water inlet pipe, water storage tank, storage refrigerator and baffle of the ice machine;

Regularly check whether the temperature control probe in the refrigerator is normal. Regularly remove the scale from the ice sensor and check whether the cover of the refrigerator is sealed.