Ice Machine Mechanism Slow Analysis Of Causes

   1. If your machine is air-cooled, it may be because the blower's electrical appliance has turned badly. So the cooling effect is not good and the ice production is slow. Once the time is long, the compressor will be burned!

   2. Insufficient refrigerant, this deficiency is not leaked or it will be consumed in normal operation.

   3. Too much refrigerant and too much refrigerant can affect the ice making efficiency of the ice maker.

   4. The environmental temperature is too high, the best effect of the ice maker, of course, the lower the ring temperature ice-making effect is better, so when the ring temperature is too high will also affect the ice-making efficiency, the general ring temperature is best controlled at 35 Within degrees Celsius.

   5. The working point of the ice maker and the ice maker should be placed in a place where ventilation is easy to dissipate. If it is stuck in the corner, it will seriously affect the performance of the ice maker.