Ice Machine Must Know Little Knowledge

       Question 1: Appearance of the same, the same capacity of ice maker price Why different?

       Everyone's concern is only superficial. What really needs our attention is the "internal organs" of its body. The reason why ice machines are in direct contact with each other and their prices are different is also due to these "organs."

       Note: Everyone in the choice, do not just look at the surface, depending on the material.


       Question 2: Slow ice, ice, why not?

       1) Compressor strike: the compressor is responsible for the transport of refrigerants, it does not work, the result is not ice;

       2) Water valve fault: water valve is the main water-saving, according to the temperature of the machine, the pressure of water flow regulation. The higher the temperature, the greater the pressure, the greater the water flow. A problem with the part will result in wasted water or excessive water flow in the machine.

       After the freezing of ice cubes, the defrosting solenoid valve starts to radiate heat, separating the ice cubes from the ice cubes. After the damage will appear out of ice phenomenon.

       3) Fan: Fan is mainly distributed inside the ice machine heat, it stops working ice slowing down, it may not ice;