Ice Machine Summer Heat Is Not Too Nervous

    Ice machine summer heat maintenance reminder: Some careful users may find that the ice machine on the summer is a little hot on both sides, often thinking that the ice machine is out of order.

    In fact, users don't have to be too nervous, because many ice machines are equipped with built-in condensers, and their heat-dissipating components are located on both sides. When the ice machine is running, the high-temperature refrigerant gas discharged from the compressor passes through both sides of the cabinet. The condenser of the side plate dissipates heat, so that the side plates are somewhat hot and hot, and the higher the ambient temperature, the higher the temperature of the side plates, and sometimes it may rise above 60C.


    As long as the ice machine is functioning properly, users can use it with confidence.

    Of course, in the actual use process, the user should keep the side panels of the cabinet as clean as possible, and reserve a cooling space of not less than 10 cm for the ice making machine. The position of the ice making machine should also be ventilated so that the surface of the cabinet is distributed. The heat is fully exchanged with the surrounding air.

    In addition, items that are sensitive to temperature should not be placed on either side of the ice machine.