Ice Machine Users Often Ask Questions

        Users in the purchase of ice machines, often ask a variety of questions, frequently asked questions are as follows

        Questions One: The ice maker can produce a number of ice?

        Answer: The ice machine is also a variety of common flow-type, spray-type, submerged, the number of pieces of ice at a time to see the size of the main ice mold, different models certainly different. A modest ten or so slow thirty or forty, this depends on the ice machine capacity and the use of the ambient temperature.

        Questions Two: The ice machine will not be bad often, as well as how to sell!

        Answer: Under normal circumstances is not bad, we Tianchi company product warranty period of 24 months. In two years, when the product appears to be our manufacturing quality problems, we will be responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the product, the user can contact our company service for repair or replacement, the cost is the responsibility of our company (except human factors). After receiving the notice, the relevant personnel will reply and handle the plan within 24 hours.