IMS Ice Machine Operation And Precautions

The IMS ice machine is a cube shape with beautiful appearance, continuous ice making, faster ice speed and large ice volume.

Ice machine operating procedures:

1. Before power-on, first check the use of the power supply voltage, the voltage is the same, the socket meets the safety standards, and the leakage protection switch is installed, and a good grounding wire is received, confirming that it meets the power requirements.

2. Before the start, the ice is broken to a diameter of about 20 mm, which can be placed in the barrel, and a raised feed port at the top is suitable. Please pay attention to turn on the power switch, the motor has the power disk rotation to allow the pneumatic material to press the cover with the handle to press down;

Then chop the ice by tightening the rotating blade, then press the handle down to the lid, not too hard, so as not to damage the motor motor lock - the rotor, and should pay attention to the material after the ice edge to reduce, and timely add new ice.

3. Add ice cubes and enter the pan through the drain.

IMS ice machine operation and precautions

Rolling ice should start the ice machine to reach the rated transport speed before the ice rolls, and the ice will advance after starting. Realize that the sewage is stable and should not be blocked, otherwise it will cause dead card cutting machine, burning motor and so on.