Is It Worth Buying Color Ultrasound With B Ultrasound Machine

When buying B ultrasound for animal use, some users will buy color ultrasound for clarity, but the so-called color ultrasound of B ultrasound for animal use is not a real color ultrasound, but a fake color, that is, the black-and-white image is replaced with a lower color, which is of no practical use.

Then someone will ask whether the machine with color is better than the machine with pure black and white. This kind of cognition is quite wrong. We all know that black-and-white color is the easiest to compare, and it will also be obvious in the image display. If we use other colors for comparison, it will not achieve the effect of black-and-white color, or even the effect of the image will be worse, not easy to observe.

BCF, the world's best manufacturer of B-ultrasound for animal use, all B-ultrasound machines are black and white, without color. The quality of the image is directly related to the hardware and software, and has nothing to do with the color.

Therefore, Tianchi manufacturers remind consumers that when buying B ultrasound machines for animal use, image quality and after-sales are the key, with or without color has nothing to do with it.