Laboratory Ice Machine Operating Principle

1, The amount of ice needed for salt water (in jargon is called dosing) to see how much the amount of ice in the water to adjust the modulation pump (plunger pump). Import pump

2, The body of the laboratory ice machine is divided into a certain density of copper tubes inside the two-cavity in vitro cavity cavity! The technical term is called (evaporation cavity) is the saying that the refrigeration thing.

3, The outer cavity is a very regular round stainless steel cavity center with a three-leaf blade and the inner wall can adjust the distance of 3 mm.


4.Working principle: For the start-up, the plunger pump will be mixed with salt water, and 0.2 kg of water will be evenly sprayed onto the surface of the inner cavity through several filters, and then the cooling surface of the external cavity will instantly form 3 mm thick. Ice. Under the action of rotating ice skates, the freshly prepared ice is dropped into small storage bins! 

5.The principle of civil ice machines is basically the same! The internal cavity is a rotating ice cube box.

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