Liquid Nitrogen And Container Storage Areas Precautions

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Areas

1) Areas where liquid nitrogen is used and stored must have adequate ventilation.

2) Adequate means that oxygen levels are maintained at 20.8% concentration during normal storage and handling.

3) Gas release can occur during storage of liquid nitrogen:

4) From open non-pressurised vessels during routine operations;

5) Due to the warming of liquid nitrogen vessels. In the case of non-pressurised vessels this occurs naturally through the insulation. In pressurised vessels when the pressure increases the valve opens to relieve the build up and then resets;

6) Due to the failure of the pressure relief valve which will rupture the burst disc on pressurised vessels. This will cause a rapid release of gas in a short space of time.

Liquid Nitrogen Container Precautions

1) Wipe the outer surface with a cleaning cloth and keep it clean;

2) Regular observation, test the alarm working state;

3) On the liquid nitrogen tank maintenance cycle: the general proposal for 2 months, according to the use of liquid nitrogen and volatile, depending on the specific circumstances of the decision.