Liquid Nitrogen Applied To The Stage Effect

       With the development of society, people's requirements for quality of life are also gradually increasing. For example, venues such as weddings and theatrical arenas. In order to add atmosphere and performance to performances, a variety of stage effects are often placed in the venue. Among them, Common is the liquid nitrogen stage smoke machine.

       Due to the stage lighting to the high-tech high-standard lighting direction, smoke has become essential, the smoke can not only refraction stage light emitted by the beam, set off the performance atmosphere, but also to the audience a paradoxical visual effects.

       Note: the fog machine before the show, you must boot to the smoke machine power supply preheat warm-up time should be regulated in more than 8 minutes;

       Warm-up time is not enough to open the spray in the preheat to meet, the real-time "spray" the actual start control, then rely on hood host a wireless remote control receiver controller and the operator in the hands of a wireless remote control Corresponding control.