Liquid Nitrogen Characteristics

Liquid nitrogen characteristics

First, the ultra-low temperature: liquid nitrogen is a low temperature liquid, at a temperature of 195.8 ℃ gasification, per kilogram of liquid nitrogen from around to capture about 48 kcal of heat, which is the origin of liquid nitrogen cooling capacity, we Is to use it to create and save the characteristics of frozen semen.

Second, the expansion: also known as giant expansive. Liquid nitrogen once the gasification, and immediately return to the original gas, a liter of liquid nitrogen in the gasification, such as the temperature for the cleave ℃ will be about 680 liters of nitrogen, that is, its expansion of 680 times, In order to ensure that the gasification of the liquid nitrogen can be successfully discharged from the outside, and the pressure inside the closed container does not rise, the lid can not be sealed, cover and other components to retain the gap should be more.

Third, the choking: people rely on the oxygen in the air to maintain life, if the nitrogen increases quickly and oxygen, it will cause suffocation. 10 liters of liquid nitrogen, in the 10 cubic meters of indoor instantaneous evaporation, then the indoor air will suddenly reduce the oxygen to about 13%, which is very dangerous. Generally speaking, if the oxygen concentration of less than 16%, the body will feel tired and tired, consciousness is becoming hazy, showing hypoxia symptoms and eventually suffocated.

Fourth, weak permeability: liquid nitrogen permeability is very weak, such as contact with liquid nitrogen, the skin will occur after frostbite, but feel the cold and alcohol compared to, is not significantly worse, it is very low temperature with it Disproportionate because it is much less permeable than alcohol. Use it when a small amount of liquid nitrogen stained the skin only to feel a slight pain, a lot of liquid nitrogen contact with the skin can cause intense frostbite. If you contact a lot of liquid nitrogen should be a lot of water rinse, and asked the doctor to deal with. So contact with liquid nitrogen should be loaded with dry and thick gloves.

Fives, similar to the water: liquid nitrogen is like water, is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic liquid, when we open the lid of the container or remove the storage tank, it will spray a white opaque gas, or Is inside the liquid nitrogen tank will appear hazy milk self-color, but this is not the inherent color of liquid nitrogen, which is due to liquid nitrogen gasification and air moisture contact with the occasion, the water is cooled and the formation of large particles of water droplets phenomenon.

Six, no bactericidal: liquid nitrogen for the inert gas, itself is no bactericidal effect, because the ultra-low temperature is easy to be mistaken for bactericidal. In fact only the air of bacteria and viruses, etc., in the role of liquid nitrogen to stop breeding, but still survive.

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