Liquid Nitrogen Container Cylinder, Neck Plug, Protective Sleeve

        Liquid nitrogen tank with high vacuum multi-layer insulation technology, with a good low-temperature thermal insulation properties, the storage of liquid nitrogen can be evaporated to minimize the loss of (Note: liquid nitrogen volatilization based on the size of the caliber, the larger the more volatile Large), commonly used in laboratory research, animal husbandry, medical, food and other industries, because it can maintain a constant temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius, so laboratory research units commonly used to save cells, animal husbandry for animal semen, vaccines, And other biological samples, frozen food commonly used in the food industry.

        In order to facilitate the user to use faster, we have configured the Cylinder, neck plug, protective sleeve, but most people do not know their true purpose, as follows

        Cylinder: user-friendly sample extraction

        Neck plug: special material forming, reducing the evaporation of liquid nitrogen and the role of fixed dual-purpose tube.

        Cover: protect the container when moving or handling containers, as well as a certain insulation effect, to reduce evaporation.