Liquid Nitrogen Container/dewar Vessel Transportation Precautions

There are two kinds of liquid nitrogen container: storage container and transport container. What should you pay attention to when transporting or moving?

Liquid nitrogen container/dewar vessel transportation precautions

A: Regardless of the storage container and transport container, pay attention to the following points when transporting:

1. Before lifting, the individual lifting cylinders should be accurately fixed in the groove of the container mouth and the neck plug should be covered.

2. Liquid nitrogen container can only be placed in a vertical position and cannot be placed. In order to prevent the impact from falling over, the sponge or other cushioned bottom should be used. It must be placed in a wooden frame and padded with a belt or other items. 

3. When transporting and transporting by vehicle, the liquid nitrogen tank should be covered with a coat or a wooden box, and the liquid nitrogen tank should be prevented from being turned over on the way to avoid disorder.

4. When transporting by aircraft, in addition to strictly preventing the container from being turned over, it should be packed in wooden cases to prevent the liquid nitrogen from boiling rapidly and causing abnormal conditions as the air pressure rises.