Liquid Nitrogen Container For Storing Animal Semen To Be Cleaned

When the liquid nitrogen container is in use, moisture may accumulate inside. If the water is not cleaned, it may be mixed with bacteria, or it may fall into the handle, and the semen flowing out of the handle may be mixed into the liquid nitrogen.

If mixed with bacteria, the conception rate of artificial insemination will also decrease. Therefore, every year you need to clean the container, the process is as follows:

Liquid nitrogen container for storing animal semen to be cleaned

1 Remove the handle and liquid nitrogen from the container and leave it for about two days, so that the internal temperature of the container rises. Near °C.

2 Inject the warm water at 40 ° C to 50 ° C or with a neutral detergent into the liquid nitrogen tank and scrub with a cloth.

3 Rinse with water.

4 Invert the container to dry. The drying method may be a natural air drying method or a hot air drying method. If the latter is used, the temperature is limited to between 40 ° C and 50 ° C. The hot air above 60 ° C should be avoided to avoid affecting the performance of the liquid nitrogen tank and shorten the service life.