Liquid Nitrogen Container Main Features And Application:

We supply broad gamut of liquid nitrogen container used to store of liquid nitrogen for a long period under static conditions;it is made of high-strength aluminum alloy structure, which make the product with features of light weight and high strength and long holding time of liquid nitrogen and economical to assure safe use.

Main features:

1.High-strength aluminum alloy structure,light empty weight;

2.Hinged handle,portable;

3.Encoding canisters,for easy recognition and convenient accessing of samples;

4.Protecting jacket,portable and preventing collision;

5.Lockable cover(optional),protecting biological samples stored;

6.Multi-layer thermal isolation design,more than five-year vacuum quality guarantee.

Sketch of product structure:


Liquid Nitrogen Container Application:

1. Scientific experiments, analysis equipment, electronic equipment supporting.

2. Mechanical cooling assembly, material handling and other low temperature modification.

3. Save and turnover low temperature test samples.

4. Rare virus vaccine cold storage transport turnover.

5. Low temperature phase change thermal storage nanofluids viscosity characteristics and other supporting experimental study.

6. Restaurant food cryopreservation.

7. Health sector, life science and other active stem cell preservation genetic material