Liquid Nitrogen Container Maintains Refrigerating Performance

       Liquid nitrogen container mainly rely on vacuum and heat conduction to maintain their refrigerating performance. Use caution when using:

       (1) Check the appearance carefully before use to see if it hurts again; then pour liquid nitrogen to check the loss.

       (2) Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated room, away from sources of heat and outdoor sun and rain.

       (3) Try to avoid collision and vibration in the process of use. It is forbidden to horizontally, stacking or inverting.

       (4) The container for liquid nitrogen should be covered with a bottle stopper, but the bottle mouth cannot be sealed to prevent explosion.

       (5) Liquid nitrogen should be periodically added to store semen, etc., to ensure that frozen sperm is immersed in liquid nitrogen.

       (6) When taking frozen sperm, try to avoid collision with the neck.