Liquid Nitrogen Operation Precautions

1.Use gloves

(1)Liquid nitrogen is 196 degrees below zero, so it's important to take certain precautions to avoid frost burns and other injuries.Make sure that you always wear gloves when handling the liquid nitrogen.

(2)Admittedly, it is okay if the liquid nitrogen comes into contact with your skin briefly.In most cases, it will just slide right off your skin.The real danger comes when you try to contain it, like in a fist, or if your skin is already wet.Just be very cautious when handling it.

2.Wear safety glasses

You definitely don't want to get the liquid nitrogen in your eyes.So be very careful when mixing, but still wear protective eye gear just to be safe.Liquid nitrogen is so cold that it can make your finger shatter;just imagine what it could do to your eyes.

3.Be careful not to splash the liquid nitrogen

You want to always be in control of where the liquid nitrogen ends up, so try not to splash it as you're mixing it or when you're carrying it in the container.