Liquid Nitrogen Pump Truck Operation Precautions

       Liquid nitrogen pump truck operation precautions

       (1) The operation procedure of the liquid nitrogen pump truck is complicated, and the operator must be trained. The operator should strictly follow the operation and maintenance procedures and strengthen the supervision of safety measures.

       (2) The high-pressure three-cylinder pump must be fully pre-cooled before starting. During the cooling process, observe whether the frost at the cold end is uniform, and slowly run the three-cylinder pump to make the three cold ends evenly cool.

       (3) Make sure that the valves are in the correct position before driving and open the driving safety valve.

       (4) A reliable single-flow valve shall be installed at the junction of the discharge line of the liquid nitrogen pump truck and the fracturing pipe. In the operation, the liquid nitrogen pump is outside the hydraulic end: in the high pressure state, the operator should not enter without any reason. Where there is a leak, the pump must be stopped and the pressure is corrected.

       (5) When the machine is running, pay attention to the hand, hair, clothes, rags, tools, etc. away from the machine running parts, the operator should wear work clothes, goggles, gloves to work.