Liquid Nitrogen Replenishment Time In Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Tianchi technology: In general, the amount of liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank must be replenished when 1/3 of the remaining amount is used, because at this time the liquid nitrogen in the tank is not much, and the temperature difference between the bottom and the top of the container is related. Especially big.

Therefore, liquid nitrogen should be replenished in time to avoid damage to the biological samples stored in the liquid nitrogen container.

For example, a 10-liter liquid nitrogen tank has a static liquid nitrogen storage period of 105 days, which means that this 10-liter tank has a static storage time of 105 days. If it contains biological samples, use liquid nitrogen halfway, and repeatedly open the neck of the liquid nitrogen container. Opening the plug back and forth, as well as the storage place of the container, will affect the consumption of liquid nitrogen. It must be 105 days.

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