Liquid Nitrogen Storage System

Liquid Nitrogen Storage System

Liquid nitrogen is a special industrial products, the workshop used in precision parts after liquid nitrogen cryogenic treatment after assembly, improve the quality of parts assembly, thereby improving the performance of equipment or equipment. Liquid nitrogen from the air, the air contains the main gas components of oxygen and nitrogen, of which nitrogen accounts for about 78.09% of the air. Liquid nitrogen is liquefied nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is compressed by the nitrogen cooling liquid, its physical and chemical properties are special. The main features are as follows:

Ultra-low temperature: liquid nitrogen boiling point of -195.8, liquid nitrogen gasification per kilogram can absorb heat 48 kcal.

② Liquid nitrogen is colorless, odorless, non-toxic liquid.

③ Liquid nitrogen permeability is very weak, but when the human skin contact with liquid nitrogen will be severe frostbite.

Expansion: Liquid nitrogen is compressed by air compression made of its gasification can be restored to nitrogen. It is reported that each riser nitrogen gasification, the temperature rose 15 , the volume expansion of about 180 times.

Asphyxiated: Nitrogen itself can not cause people to suffocate, but in a certain space, if too much nitrogen and isolated oxygen, the operator will cause suffocation. According to the determination, 10 kg of liquid nitrogen in the 10 cubic meters of indoor instantaneous evaporation, space oxygen can suddenly drop to 13%, resulting in space hypoxia. In this condition, can cause people to suffocate or even death.