Liquid Nitrogen Tank Animal Husbandry Industry Used

Liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used for animal activity preservation in animal husbandry industry. At present, it is mainly used for the preservation of cattle, sheep and other fine breeds of animals, as well as for the preservation of rare animals, as well as long-distance transportation.

When using liquid nitrogen tank to freeze and preserve animal semen, or when transporting frozen semen, care should be taken to reduce the time of semen at room temperature, and do not exceed a few seconds. The containers for transporting and storing should be placed side by side, always under the frost line of liquid nitrogen tank. When locating, identifying and grasping the suction tube, the suction tube should be connected one by one with a pre-cooled hemostatic forceps or tweezers and transferring. The ground is sent to the liquid nitrogen tank quickly.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank animal husbandry industry used