Liquid Nitrogen Tank Filling Output Precautions

The liquid nitrogen tank should be filled with liquid nitrogen before storing the sample, specimen and frozen essence, so that it can be used for low temperature preservation and achieve constant temperature effect, but liquid nitrogen will volatilize with time. For this reason, we should always check the tank. There are three ways to measure the amount of liquid nitrogen. They are the installation level measuring instrument, the wooden stick method and the weighing method. What should be paid attention to when filling the liquid nitrogen?

How is sperm stored in a liquid nitrogen tank

When filling the container with liquid nitrogen, first open the vent valve, connect the metal hose of the infusion to the inlet/discharge valve, and then open the inlet/discharge valve, that is, the liquid nitrogen can be added from the inlet/drain valve to fill the liquid. When finished, close the inlet/drain valve.

If you need to output liquid nitrogen, first open the air valve, open the pressure valve, and then observe the pressure on the pressure gauge to 0.05MPa (0.5kg / cm2), open the drain valve, you can continuously output liquid nitrogen.?