Liquid Nitrogen Tank Fruit Vegetable Processing Key Technologies Fruit

       Focus areas and development directions: First, to strengthen screening of fruit and vegetable juice processing varieties, the introduction and processing characteristics of the study; the second is the research and development of raw material pretreatment technology, efficient juice technology, membrane technology, non-thermal sterilization technology, aseptic packaging technology , Frozen juice storage technology and comprehensive utilization technology of concentrated juice; third, digestion and absorption of imported key equipment and components (such as juicer, ultrafiltration equipment, multi-effect evaporator, aseptic filling machine) New processing equipment, such as high-voltage pulsed electric field sterilizer; Fourth, the development of new products, including fruit and vegetable juice NFC juice (citrus juice, apple juice, berry juice, tomato juice, carrot juice) Agent.

Liquid nitrogen tank fruit and vegetable processing key technologies Fruit and vegetable processing

       Canned fruits and vegetables

       Focus areas and development direction: First, screening for canned varieties for processing, and its processing characteristics of the study; the second is to strengthen the peeled technology, automatic control of computer programs sterilization technology, comprehensive utilization of technology, research and development of continuous, intelligent The third is to develop new packaging containers and materials such as easy-open cans, flexible packaging and semi-rigid packaging; fourthly, focus on the development of new types of canned fruits and vegetables, such as light-sugar and mixed-type products.

       Key areas and development directions: - R & D of commercialization of fruit and vegetable processing technology and equipment; Second, research and development of fruit and vegetable storage and transportation of new technologies, new fruit and vegetable preservatives, fresh materials and preservation equipment; Third, research and development of fresh and cut fruit and vegetable technology, quality control and fast Detection Technology (Microbial Rapid Detection Technology).