Liquid Nitrogen Tank Have A Short Shelf Life

Someone asked: After the new liquid nitrogen tank is filled with liquid nitrogen, the shelf life is not as long as the specification. Is it not insulated or the vacuum effect is not good?

Answer: Because the liquid nitrogen temperature is low, and there is a temperature difference between the temperature inside the new liquid nitrogen tank, the liquid nitrogen will absorb heat and finally reach the liquid nitrogen temperature and the tank temperature is consistent. This process will cause a certain amount of liquid nitrogen consumption. That is to say, when the liquid nitrogen tank is first filled, it is not the full tank of liquid nitrogen that the user thinks.

There is also a need for pre-cooling of the new liquid nitrogen tank, which also consumes a portion of the liquid nitrogen. It is reasonable to consume less than the shelf life of the instructions.


There is another case for rapid consumption of liquid nitrogen: the shelf life stated in the instructions is the date of use of liquid nitrogen without keeping the can open. If the tank mouth of the liquid nitrogen tank is often opened, the liquid nitrogen consumption is certainly fast, so the shelf life is not reached.

Reminder: The remaining 20% of the liquid nitrogen tanks can only be used for one week. To avoid the liquid nitrogen running out and refilling, the liquid nitrogen tank must be re-cooled; the liquid nitrogen tank opening time should be as short as possible, not too frequent.