Liquid Nitrogen Tank High Pressure What Reason

    If gas is trapped in a liquid nitrogen tank, it can cause high pressure, which means your device becomes a bomb! Plug and plug become projectile.


    1) Make sure all vents are clean and regularly inspected.

    2) Tie the stopper to the top of the container and use a short cord as a retainer.

    3) Use check valves and pressure relief valves.

    Emergency treatment method:

    Accident 1 : Cold burns

    method : In tepid tap water (not hot!) For at least 15 minutes.

    Accident 2 : Liquid nitrogen overflows

    method : Evacuation evacuation area is opened for ventilation

    Accident 3 : Container overpressure

    method : Evacuate area and call emergency services

    Accident 4 : Asphyxia

    method : Seek immediate medical attention