Liquid Nitrogen Tank Operation Management Regulations

In order to strengthen the management of the use of liquid nitrogen tank, to ensure the correct use, to ensure safe production, the scope of use of this regulation uses the workshops and departments involved in the management and use of liquid nitrogen tanks.

The warehouse is the department responsible for the daily management and maintenance of liquid nitrogen tank. The liquid nitrogen tank must be inspected and maintained frequently, and the safety hazards should be promptly put forward and rectified and reported to the production department. Workshops involved in the use of liquid nitrogen must be operated in accordance with the operating procedures during the use process to ensure the safe use of the production department is the regulatory department for the management, maintenance and use of liquid nitrogen tanks, and solve problems in the warehouse and workshop screening in a timely manner.


Always check whether the valve is in the correct opening and closing position, whether the measurement of the pressure gauge and the liquid level gauge is accurate and reliable, and whether the pipeline and the valve are leaking or blocked.

Suppliers are required to periodically check pressure gauges and safety valves as required. When the safety valve is in trouble, the supplier should be required to verify the safety valve immediately. When the tank is in the period of non-use, do not use up the liquid nitrogen safely. The pressure of the inner cylinder should be 0.02Mpa.