Liquid Nitrogen Tank Storage Precautions

       The netizen asks, liquid nitrogen this thing feels a little dangerous? And the liquid nitrogen container is so big, it's going to evaporate, so what happens if you accidentally knock it down when the liquid nitrogen evaporates? Is the liquid nitrogen coming out?


       Liquid nitrogen tank internal deposit such as liquid nitrogen, then you need to keep, to ensure its internal pressure rise due to external force, not lower, so the liquid nitrogen canister to be stored in shady and cool place with good ventilation, not to direct drying in the sun. If the sun straight liquid nitrogen container, will directly cause the liquid nitrogen jars of body temperature, will directly affect the tank liquid nitrogen temperature and pressure, liquid nitrogen tank due to its manufacturing precision and its inherent characteristics, no matter when in usage or storage, cannot tilt, horizontal, inversion, heap pressure, collisions or collisions with other objects, to always stay upright.

       The safety and non-disclosure of liquid nitrogen in the tank is also the direct purpose of protecting the liquid nitrogen container. I want you to be careful when you use liquid nitrogen canisters. If there do not understand something you can consult Tianchi technical staff looking forward to cooperating with you!