Liquid Nitrogen Use Matters Needing Attention

(1)Filled with liquid nitrogen

These special containers should be filled slowly to avoid the expansion stress that occurs as a result of the rapid cooling. Too much stress can damage the container.

(2)Transfer liquid nitrogen with care

The primary hazards of transferring liquid nitrogen from one container to another are spilling and splashing.


Special funnels (with the top partially covered) will reduce splashing.


1.Liquid nitrogen boils to fill a volume with nitrogen gas very quickly.

2.Nitrogen gas is slightly lighter than air once it reaches room temperature. It is slightly soluble in water.

3.Contact of liquid nitrogen or any very cold gas with the skin or eyes may cause serious freezing (frostbite) injury. Protect hands at all times when working with liquid nitrogen with Cryo Gloves.

4.Wear safety glasses or a face shield when transfering liquid nitrogen.

Wear gloves when touching any object cooled by liquid nitrogen.Gloves should be loose fitting, so they could be thrown off if liquid were to pour inside them.