Liquid Nitrogen Use Of Knowledge


        Liquid nitrogen, often abbreviated as LN2,which is an inert,invisible and produces no odour,stable Cryogenic gas.

        The extremely low temperature can freeze human flesh very rapidly. 


        Liquid nitrogen is mainly used in refrigeration and save the samples


        Laboratories, hospitals, scientific research, beauty salon,so on

        (4)Operation method

        Contact of liquid nitrogen or any very cold gas with the skin or eyes may cause serious freezing (frostbite) injury. Protect hands at all times when working with liquid nitrogen with Cryo Gloves.

        What are factors that affect liquid nitrogen evaporation

        1) When all of the liquid nitrogen has evaporated, the temperature inside the container will rise slowly. 

        2) how the liquid nitrogen container is used and Use time,Will affect the evaporation of liquid nitrogen.

        3) The rate of evaporation depends upon the age, condition and use pattern of the container. 

        4) Opening and closing the container or moving it about will reduce its cooling efficiency. 

        5) You should check the liquid nitrogen level in your containers at least weekly.