Operation And Maintenance Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank

    Liquid nitrogen tank usually also need to be responsible for maintenance and management, storage of liquid nitrogen tank chamber can be recycled to theOperation And Maintenance Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank air, such as enclosed indoor storage of multiple liquid nitrogen tank containers, the nitrogen evaporation will stay in the room, resulting in hypoxia, which may occur liquid Nitrogen suffocation accident.    Liquid nitrogen tank operation must be mild, to avoid liquid nitrogen cans and other objects collide, such as walls and tables, etc., due to the liquid nitrogen tank by the exhaust and become high vacuum, liquid nitrogen tank atmosphere pressure, although the liquid nitrogen tank itself Bear three times the strength of their own weight, but we use the liquid nitrogen tank should also be very careful not to let liquid nitrogen tank drop or collision.

    Also note that the liquid nitrogen tank should always keep the vertical placement of the tank Prohibited the dumping of liquid nitrogen tank, liquid nitrogen in order to prevent leakage accident occurred.