Precautions For Frozen Sample Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank

1. Before using DMSO, it does not need to be autoclaved, and it has a sterilization effect. Autoclaving will destroy its molecular structure, so as to reduce the freezing protection effect.

At room temperature, DMSO is harmful to the human body, so it is best to wear gloves when preparing. It is best to freeze the DMSO 4 degrees before use, and the toxicity to the cells will be reduced.

2, It is not appropriate to place the frozen cells in the temperature range of 0 ° C ~ -60 ° C for too long, low temperature damage mainly occurs in this temperature zone, is a "dangerous temperature zone."

3. Pay attention to regularly check the liquid nitrogen content in the liquid nitrogen tank and add it in time.

4.The excess frozen solution can be stored at 4 degrees for use.