Precautions Of B Ultrasound Instrument

The use of veterinary B ultrasonic instrument is frequent. It is often moved. Many people don't know how to maintain the machine when they use the B ultrasound machines,then cause the machine to break down. What problems do they need to pay attention to when they use the B ultrasonic instrument?The following is the introduction of TIANCHI B ultrasonic technicians.

Precautions of B Ultrasound Instrument

1. Inspection Before The Operation of The Veterinary B Ultrasonic Instrument

(1)Before operating, make sure that all cables are connected in the correct position.

(2)The instrument is normal.

(3)If the instrument is close to the generator, X-ray device, dental and physiotherapy equipment, radio station or underground cable, the image may be disturbed.

(4)If the power is shared with other devices, abnormal images will appear.

(5) Don't place the instrument near hot or humid objects, and place the instrument in order to ensure safe operation.