Routine Maintenance Of Tianchi Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Routine Maintenance Of Tianchi Liquid Nitrogen Tank

1. Check whether the inside of the container is clean and dry before use.

2. Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank is only used to hold liquid nitrogen, do not allow other liquids.

3. Before filling liquid nitrogen with a small amount of liquid nitrogen pre-cooling.

4. For long-term storage, you need to regularly add liquid nitrogen

5. When you put or remove frozen items, try to make the tank open time is short and can not put the barrel completely put forward.

6. Remove the frozen cream inside the neck can not use hard objects, so as not to damage the neck

7.Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank when transporting, can only stand, can not lie down.

8. Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank idle when not in use, rinse with water, the water line net, with a blower dry, placed at room temperature stand-by.

Tianchi Liquid Nitrogen Tank Cleaning Steps

1. First, remove the Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank barrel

2. Allow the liquid nitrogen to be removed for 2-3 days, and the temperature in the tank will rise to about 0 ° C.

3. Wipe with warm water at around 30 ° C and rinse with water several times. Reversal Tianjing liquid nitrogen cans are naturally air-dried or blown dry.