Sheep Ultrasound Instructions

Sheep with B-ultrasound with B-ultrasound check ewes Baoding method:

Ewe generally take the natural standing posture, assistant in the side to support, to keep quiet can be, or assistant with his legs caught ewe neck Baoding, can also be used simple Baoding shelf Baoding. Side care can be a little early diagnosis of the date and improve the diagnostic accuracy, but the use of large groups inconvenient. Veterinary B ultrasound probe early pregnancy, take the side, supine or standing can be.

Sheep with B ultra-animal B-probe probe site and methods:

Abdominal wall exploration, early pregnancy on both sides of the breast and breasts before the hair area, or the interval between the two breasts. The middle and late pregnancy can be carried out in the right side of the abdominal wall. In the minimal area exploration without shearing, lateral abdominal wall exploration need to cut hair, rectal exploration need Baoding. Detection method and the exploration of pigs is basically the same, the inspectors squatting on the side of the sheep, local or probe coating coupling agent, the probe close to the skin, toward the pelvic inlet direction, the fixed-point fan scan. From breast forward and backward, from both sides of the breast to the middle, or from the middle of the breast to both sides of the scan can be. Pregnancy early fetal sac is not small, the embryo is very small, need to slow scan fine check to explore. Inspectors can also squat on the sheep's buttocks, hand-held probe from the sheep's hind legs toward the middle of the breast to scan. Milk goat breasts are too large, or side of the abdominal wall is too long hair, the impact of the site to see the exploration, can be raised by the assistant to explore the side of the hind limbs, exposure to explore the site, but do not have to cut hair.