Sheet Ice Machine Installation Nine Major Considerations

1. When the machine reaches the site, please check whether the parts and models are consistent with the order form according to the list. If the packaging is intact, if it is damaged, please unpack the package and check the various parts of the machine for damage, deformation, displacement, loose bolts, and wire drop. If there is any of the above problems, an experienced person should be inspected and tested to confirm that the machine is in good condition and does not affect normal use.

2.The installation location and environment of the ice machine directly affect the normal service life and effect of the machine, so it is very important to choose a reasonable installation location and environment. Tianchi recommends that the machine be installed in a level ground, well ventilated, dry and non-polluting environment (see instructions for details). Otherwise, the consequences are at your own risk.

3. It is strictly forbidden to invert, collide, and vibrate during the installation and handling of the machine to avoid loose parts and damage.


4. Place the flake ice machine on the ice storage bin. The ice-falling mouth of the machine and the ice-dropping port on the ice storage bin must be neatly arranged to avoid the illusion of ice fullness.

5. If there is a system failure just after starting up, the general situation is phase sequence problem. Please change any two of the three fire lines, and the yellow and green indicators on the phase sequence protector will be on.

6. The water source is required to meet the drinking water standard. The external water source is connected with the inner joint of PVC or PPR. The water pressure is not enough. It is recommended to increase the pressure pump to increase the required pressure. When the water pressure is too high, it is recommended to supply the water before the machine. Valve down

7. The overflow port and the drain port are connected by a water supply pipe and a tee, an elbow, and an external tooth joint, and are connected to the salt water tank. When water is added to the salt water tank, the drain valve can be opened.

8. During the use of the machine, the condenser should be cleaned once every 2 to 3 months to avoid machine failure or machine damage caused by poor condenser heat dissipation.

9. Put the suction head of the brine metering pump into the salt water tank before starting the use. Add 150 grams of salt to the standard 30KG barrel.