Laboratory Ice Machine Initial Performance Test

   Some users have already bought TianChi laboratory ice machine ask such a question, how to see how the performance of ice machine?here to tell you the Laboratory Ice Machine Initial Performance Testoperating point of the new ice machine performance test.

   First, the ice maker was used to make ice cubes, the first ice cube to run for some time. And then observe whether it will ice, if the normal ice, then you have to check the quality of ice. The ice is dry, the surface of the ice is smooth, and if the output of the ice is heavy, the ice will fail.

   Second, there is a need to test the amount of ice in the ice maker. In different environment and water temperature test, according to the actual situation and the equivalence of ice table to determine whether the amount of ice production is qualified, if the ice is not enough, you need to adjust the water level or adjust the water level to adjust.

   Finally, we should observe the ice machine performance test,When the ambient temperature is above 7 ° C, operate overcooling, and if so, the position of the sensor probe must be adjusted.