Snowflake Ice Machine Cleaning Method

1) Mix the approved disinfectant and dilute according to the manufacturer's instructions to produce a gallon of disinfectant solution and pour into the sink of the snowflake ice machine.

2) Push the ICE / OFF / WASH switch to WASH and start circulating the solution through the ice machine for about 10 minutes.

3) When disinfecting the snowflake ice machine, use a disinfectant solution and a clean cloth to clean all splash areas and internal surfaces of the refrigerator and door. If stubborn stains are caused by infrequent cleaning, use a soft brush.

4) Clean the condenser fins with compressed air or a soft brush while the disinfection cycle continues. The vacuum cleaner can easily collect dust.


5) Once 10 minutes have elapsed, press and hold the PURGE switch until all disinfectant solution is drained from the sink.

6) Re-open the water supply to the machine and fill the tank.

7) Turn the switch to WASH and let the fresh water cycle for two minutes, then press and hold the PURGE switch for two minutes until the disinfectant is rinsed.

8) Fill the tank with fresh water and repeat step 

9) The snowflake ice machine is now operational.

10) Replace the font panel and reinstall the panel screws with a screwdriver.