Snowflake Ice Machine Microcomputer Controller

Microcomputer controller display is as follows:

     ★ ice full display

     ★ water shortage display

     ★ ice motor fault display

     ★ condensation temperature is too high

     ★ refrigerant lack of display

     ★ If the machine has a problem, the corresponding alarm indicator light, the corresponding protective measures start until the shutdown.

Snowflake Ice Machine Microcomputer Controller

     ★ microcomputer controller automatically controls and displays the entire ice making process ice machine, ice machine control reliable, stable operation, easy maintenance.

■ Snowflake ice

     Amorphous tiny granular ice, can penetrate a narrower gap, rapid cooling, ice bath effect, suitable for laboratory use.

■ space-saving design

     Double screw extrusion ice making, ice machine compact structure, small size, reduce laboratory space occupied.

■ unique ice system

     Professional design of the refrigeration circuit, control systems and various parts of institutions, efficient ice making, easy to use.

■ power outage, water strain design

     Ice machine operation, even if a sudden power outage, water cut anyway. After the restoration of hydropower, the ice machine back to work from the power failure when the water began to automatically restore the ice machine.

■ safety considerations

     Ice machine set the leakage protection switch, to ensure rest assured, safe use.