The Application Of Veterinary B Ultrasound In The Transgenic Technology Of Sheep

 With the development of medical technology and the improvement of veterinary diagnostic equipment, the use of veterinary B ultrasonic machine is becoming more and more extensive, and the animal B ultrasonic machine can not only solve the problem of simple pregnancy measurement, will also bring more economic benefits to farmers. So what is the application of animal B ultrasound in sheep transgenic technology?

The Application of Veterinary B Ultrasound in the Transgenic Technology of Sheep

 Animal B ultrasound can be used to monitor the reproductive link of sheep transgenic technology, such as pregnancy identification, reproductive system monitoring and so on. Someone uses 5.0 transrectal probe to  make a ultrasonic scanning of the recipient white goats that are genetically modified (gm) or nuclear transplantation receptor and natural mating goats,

embryo transfer and natural mating in 28 days later start according to the program to scan ultrasound pregnancy of the sheep, the accuracy of veterinary B-ultrasound to judge the non pregnant sheep is 100%,the positive rate of pregnancy was 100 % for both natural mating and nuclear transplantation recipients .However, in the actual operation,it is necessary to consider the situation of pregnancy false-positive.This is because some transgenic recipient sheep appear false positive due to abortion.

The Application of Veterinary B Ultrasound in the Transgenic Technology of Sheep

 With the development of embryo engineering and gene technology,the requirements of ultrasonic monitoring technology become higher in sheep embryo transfer. At present, veterinary ultrasound technology has been widely used in superovulation, pregnancy examination, pregnancy monitoring,etc.