The Basic Methods Of Enhancing Veterinary B Ultrasound Image

The basic methods for enhancement of veterinary B ultrasound images are as follows:

1.Gray level transformation.Gray level transformation is one of the most important methods for enhancement of veterinary B ultrasound images.By enlarging or changing the range of gray levels,the articulation of images can be improved and the image features become more obvious.It mainly uses the point operation to correct the gray level of the pixel.Usually,it can be divided into three kinds:linear,piecewise linear and nonlinear transformation.


2.Histogram equalization.Histogram equalization,which is one of the most common and basic methods,is to enhance the animal B ultrasound images in airspace.At present,there are two kinds of histogram equalization:traditional histogram equalization and local histogram equalization.

3.Histogram Specification.It is a kind of enhancement method which makes the histogram of irregular grayscale image become a well-defined and symmetrical histogram after processing,and on the basis of this,it can correct the image.