The Core Principle Of Ice Machine Lies

       The core principle of ice machine lies in the evaporator.

  1. The cold water into the ice machine water tank, and then through the water tank in the pump circulating continuously through the evaporator,Evaporator plate and sub-format 2 kinds. 


       2.Sets of ice machine compressor starts running, first inhale the outside air,The air and water are then compressed by the compressor and can not be pressurized to a certain extent, and then there is no compressed exhaust and then continue through the compressor, allowing the water to continue to cool through the evaporator. The compressor of the ice maker Water temperature is getting lower and lower, but the important thing is that the evaporator temperature is only -10 ~ -18 degrees, a sharp drop from the water temperature, to liquefaction effect.

       When the temperature of the cold water in the ice maker is below 0℃, it begins to freeze on the surface of the evaporator that the cooler contacts, and defrosting can be achieved when icing reaches a certain thickness on the contact surface. Solenoid valve often de-icing heat pump in the form, and then remove the ice from the ice machine for the next treatment process.