The Development Of Embryos Was Observed By B Ultrasound

The development of embryos was observed by B type ultrasonic machine,so as to estimate the number of pregnancy,predict gestational age,distinguish stillborn fetus and monitor delivery.

The external structure of embryo,the shape of embryo and the inner structure of embryo can be observed by B ultrasound.In dogs,at 15-20 days after pregnancy,the gestational sac can be seen,23-25 days after pregnancy,the embryonic body can be observed.At 21-28 days,the fetal heart beat can be observed.At 26-28 days,it can distinguish the head from the trunk.It can recognize the limbs and the choroid plexus of the brain in 31-35 days.The ossification begins at 35-40 days.40-47 days,vesicles are present and visceral organs can be distinguished.

The Development Of Embryos Was Observed By B Ultrasound

The number of gestational embryos can be estimated according to the number of GS and embryo body at about 23 days,the gestational age can be predicted according to the recognizable echo structure of B sonograph,according to the fetal cardiac beating and embryonic structure,the stillbirth,emphysema fetus can be distinguished,embryo absorption and abortion can be judged.According to the labor,the internal structure of the postpartum uterus monitored the delivery,judged whether the delivery was over,and monitored the postpartum recovery of the uterus.

Reproductive diseases were diagnosed by animal b ultrasound.

There are many reproductive diseases in dogs,such as uterine pus and hydronephrosis,ovarian cyst,dystocia and abortion,uterus,mammary gland,testicular tumor,prostatic hypertrophy and tumor,and these diseases all can be diagnosised or differential diagnosised by B ultrasound.The location,size and character of diseased tissue can be analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively by animal b ultrasound.