The Difference Between Veterinary Ultrasound And Human Ultrasound

Generally speaking of B ultrasound,the first reaction of people is to check the body,and with the development of animal husbandry and pet industry,now a lot of veterinary ultrasound beginning to appear in the eyes of everyone.There are some differences between veterinary ultrasound and traditional human ultrasound.

The Difference Between Veterinary Ultrasound and Human Ultrasound

1.The Angle of Veterinary B Ultrasound

Because the body structure of animals is different from that of human beings,B ultrasound has also made changes in the angle of irradiation, so that people can better reflect the condition of animal body, so all the B ultrasound of human use can be used in animal. But animal use are generally unsuited to human.

2.Compact size

People usually use large B ultrasonic machines, because they don't need to move frequently, but the veterinary ultrasound is different, because most of the time some large animals can not be moved,people need to carry the instrument and take it directly to the animal, so the volume of veterinary ultrasound has changed a lot.

The Difference Between Veterinary Ultrasound and Human Ultrasound


For human B ultrasound,it may be excellence,only require the most advanced technology and the best effect, but for veterinary B ultrasound,do not need to achieve high requirements, as long as the basic function of the B ultrasound can be satisfied,people often pay more attention to the cost problem, so the price of veterinary is very cheap.