The Importance Of Late Maintenance Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Before buying liquid nitrogen tank, look at the quality problems. After buying, the quality of the containers will be maintained by ourselves. Why do you say this? You can imagine that if we collide with the cans at will, or if we don't ask after using them, the best equipment will have problems? The specific maintenance methods for liquid nitrogen tanks are as follows:

1. Liquid nitrogen tank are only used to hold liquid nitrogen, and no other liquids are allowed.

2. Pre-cool with a small amount of liquid nitrogen before filling the liquid nitrogen.

3. Liquid nitrogen tank can only be placed in a vertical position when transported.

4. Remove the frost in the neck tube and use hard objects to avoid damage to the neck tube.

5. When putting in or taking out frozen items, try to make the opening time of the cans as short as possible and not to lift the lifting tubes completely.

6. When the liquid nitrogen tank is not in use, rinse it with clean water, drain the water, blow it dry with a blower, and place it at room temperature for use.

The importance of late maintenance of liquid nitrogen tank