The Reasons Of Choosing Animal B Ultrasound

   First reason:In the actual depth scanning of animal B ultrasound, it is added to the vertical direction of the display, and the process of scanning the tested body by acoustic beam corresponds to the displacement scan in the horizontal direction of the display.

   Second reason:In all aspects of echo signal processing and image processing, most of the animal B-mode ultrasound uses special digital computer to control the storage and processing of digital signals and the operation of the whole imaging system, which greatly improves the image quality.


   Third reason:In addition to the function of measuring pregnancy,the animal B ultrasound also has the function of measuring backfat and eye muscle area,which fully meets the requirements of animal husbandry testing department and Pig core breeding farm.

   Fourth reason:Animal B ultrasound changes the amplitude modulation display of animal A ultrasound to brightness modulation display.