The Self-pressurized Liquid Nitrogen Tank Is A Pressure Vessel

The self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank is a pressure vessel?

We import a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, the commodity inspection that is the pressure vessel, there must be pressure vessel production license Caixing, but I asked a number of domestic and foreign manufacturers, said that there is no evidence, because the liquid nitrogen tank The work pressure was only 1bar, not the pressure vessel; do not know what criteria to determine the commodity inspection.

Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank is the best tool for transporting liquid nitrogen. Through the internal self-pressurizing system, the self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank can self-pressurize to achieve the purpose of liquid nitrogen output tank, but this does not belong Pressure vessel, in normal use when there is no pressure, he is through the ultra-low boiling point of liquid nitrogen made of the product, the external need to connect the pipeline for the output of liquid nitrogen, but generally from the supercharged liquid nitrogen tank factories are Equipped with stainless steel hose.

Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank has many models, mainly the size of the internal volume difference, generally from the supercharged liquid nitrogen tank from 50 to 500 liters, there are many models, since the supercharged liquid nitrogen tank is mainly by their own self-pressurization Valve pressurized, driven liquid liquid nitrogen out of the tank, so since the supercharged liquid nitrogen tank does not belong to the pressure vessel, generally do not need the pressure vessel aspects of the test and third-party measurement, buy their own use on it.

1bar = 0.1MPa.

According to the pressure you are this kind of pressure vessel.

Whether it is a pressure vessel in accordance with the "pressure vessel safety technical supervision procedures" in the three definition sets:

1, table pressure greater than or equal to 0.1MPa;

2, the product of P and V is greater than 25MPa.L;

3, the medium is gas, liquefied gas, the working temperature is higher than its standard boiling point of the liquid.

You have enough pressure on the nitrogen tank, the media is liquefied gas, the only thing I do not know is the volume, as long as the container volume is greater than 25 liters even if the pressure vessel.

In addition, the other I did not talk nonsense, ah, I had to engage in pressure vessel inspection and testing, and every day, "capacity regulation" to deal with imports of pressure vessels have to meet the "pressure vessel safety technical supervision procedures" requirements, "pressure vessel Security technical supervision procedures "revised statement that is very clear ah.