The Use Of Large-caliber Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

The liquid nitrogen tank adopts the standard design of a large-diameter liquid nitrogen container, so that users can store irregular or large-volume biological products from the liquid nitrogen container. Suitable for occasions where liquid nitrogen is stored for a short period of time and frequent operations are required. It is especially suitable for the occasions that use liquid nitrogen refrigeration, cryogenic assembly and ultra-low temperature experiments in the mechanical processing industry and scientific research institutions. With high strength and easy operation.

Liquid nitrogen tanks have large diameters: 80mm, 125mm, and 210mm. They can be formulated with buckets.

Numbered lifter for easy identification and independent access to biological samples. Can be equipped with a lockable protective cover according to user requirements to ensure the safety of samples stored in the container. Re-openable vacuum seal for easy operation.

The inner shell of Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank products is formed by spinning technology, which has fewer welds, strong appearance, and the vacuum leak rate is guaranteed. High vacuum multi-layer thermal insulation design, with good low-temperature thermal insulation performance, can minimize the evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen (-196 ℃) stored, and provide a vacuum guarantee of not less than 8 years. Containers with a capacity of more than 30 liters can be equipped with liquid nitrogen transporters to allow the container to move indoors.