The Use Of Veterinary B Ultrasound Caused By Misjudgment Of The Reasons

        The use of veterinary B ultrasound caused by misjudgment of the reasons

        Many customers reflect the use of veterinary use B when the machine is not detected, or the diagnosis of the image into a miscarriage of justice, the operation of the veterinary B with a large number of reasons for misjudgment, the following to explain the cause of misjudgment the reason.

        1, veteran B over the operator due to lack of experience, which is subjective factors, veterinary B-machine is a high-tech products, only a skilled experience can operate freely, the image is easy to judge out, so the operator Can only be more skilled use of veterinary use B ultrasound, mastery of pregnancy B ultrasound image characteristics, so as to avoid miscarriage of justice. If you can not identify the B-image, you can consult our online experts, we will be careful to teach training.


        2, veterinary B-equipment performance and resolution due to their own. A good performance of the veterinary B-ultrasound in the pregnancy when you can get a very clear image, so that will greatly improve the accuracy and early inspection time. Some customers buy the veteran B with the machine, blindly covet cheap, know the cheap B-machine performance will affect the diagnosis of the results, so it is also recommended that users do not map a moment of cheap, must be based on their own Need to buy for their own veterinary B super.


        3, the impact of miscarriage of justice there are detection of the location, will also affect the exploration effect, such as measuring cattle is to detect in the rectum, to identify the uterine horn parts, exploration complete, appropriate to improve the veterinary B-far field gain parameters , Reduce the probe frequency. When measuring the pig to the inside of the thigh, the last nipple on the outer abdominal wall for exploration. Different animal anatomical structure is not the same, b ultrasound probe frequency is not the same, so the detection of the site will be different, if the detection of the site is not correct, then the detection results will appear miscarriage of justice.


        4, the choice of detection time will also affect the detection effect, generally different animals will be different pregnancy, then the best diagnostic time will be different, studies have shown that veterinary B ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy in line with the rate of 26 to 30 (88%), 31 to 35 days to reach 97.2%, 36 days or more can be completely diagnosed (100%), indicating that veterinary B-performance and resolution differences are leading to the accuracy of pregnancy diagnosis of a major factor.