Tianchi Ice Machine Advantage

Tianchi brand ice machine is one of the trustworthy and reliable brands, with rich income! Ice machines produce clean, hard ice cubes that keep drinks colder and longer.

1. These ice machines use stainless steel evaporators for long life.

2. Compared to other ice machines, Tianchi usually produces the same number of ice half cycles.

3. Use loop protection technology.

Tianchi's cycle protection technology allows its ice machine to produce as many cycles of the same amount of ice as many competitor brands. Less cycle times per day, usually lowering energy costs, less cleaning and maintenance, and extending the life of the ice machine!

4. Adopt self-cleaning technology.

Tianchi ice machine has a "clean cycle" self-cleaning technology. This helps the ice machine owner save valuable time and money. Keeping the ice machine clean leads to a longer unit life!